Together, our members safeguard democracy and pressure decision-makers towards a more equitable country.

Since 2011, NOSSAS team is dedicated to organize people around causes and share social engagement technologies and methodologies with other activists. Our organization was born out of its first project, Meu Rio. In the following years, we were dedicated to expand Meu Rio's model to different cities across Brazil, creating Our Cities Network. Since then, we've created several initiatives: Mapa do Acolhimento, Beta, BONDE, Panela de Pressão, Me Representa and Defezap. We've also created over 200 campaigns and helped our members achieve several victories.

We've already achieved a lot - and we are always seeking to learn more and share the learnings we gather. To collaborate with the maintenance of our team, keep informed of all our initiatives and contribute to a more equitable and democratic Brazil, make a contribution!

In order to maintain our work completely independent, we don't accept resources from public institutions, political parties or companies with public contracts. That's why we depend on the support from people like you to keep our work active.

Projects created by NOSSAS that still work under the organization's structure:

Projects that were created or fostered by NOSSAS, mostly with civic society partners, that are currently not working under our institutional structure:

Some of our most recent achievements:

Our team is comprised of 25 people, mostly young passionate and restless activists who share a common quality: the ability to observe what can and should change in the world to turn it into a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable place. Our Direction and Board have the following members:

NOSSAS Directive Board members:

NOSSAS is a non-profit organization that works in Latin America since 2011, with special focus in Brazil. We hold offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, but our collaborators are spread across the country. NOSSAS and all of its projects are funded exclusively through donations from national and international philanthropic foundations and micro donations from people who believe in our work.

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